Is Curry Better Than Magic?

Is Curry a top 5 player?

Curry told the moderator his top five was: Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson.

Jordan, Chamberlain, Johnson and O’Neal are all Naismith Hall of Famers..

Who is better Kyrie or curry?

The statistics can clearly show you, who’s better between the two players. Curry has better shooting skills because his shooting percentage is higher than Kyrie Irving’s. … Even though Irving managed to outshine Curry in one of the NBA championships finals, Curry has better records and stats than Irving.

Why is curry Number 30?

Curry wanted to wear No. 30 in high school because that’s the number his father Dell Curry, wore throughout his NBA career. … 30 in honor of his father well after his high school days.

Is LeBron more clutch than Kobe?

Contrary to popular belief, LeBron James is a better clutch performer than Kobe Bryant. In the clutch period Kobe averaged 3.5 points on 39.3% shooting and 29.2% from deep. … The analysis made by 12up notably shows that LeBron James is the more clutch player.

What did Steph Curry say about Kobe Bryant?

“They panned to [Bryant] on the bench watching,” Curry recalled in a phone interview Tuesday. “He mouthed to whoever was sitting next to him, ‘Yo, he’s nice. ‘ I saw that clip afterward, and I cracked a big smile knowing Kobe was impressed with what I was doing on the court as a rookie.

Is Steph Curry one of the best ever?

Curry already has cracked the top 20 and perhaps even the top 15. His impact on the game of basketball never will be forgotten, and he’ll finish his career as one of the best statistical players ever. … But he’ll need to win again, without KD, and do so as the most impactful player in The Finals.

Is Steph Curry an all time great?

Curry is also a better passer than people realize. His career mark of 6.6 assists per game doesn’t look all that impressive on paper. But that actually ranks him as the 37th highest career average of all-time. The only current players of note ahead of him are LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook.

Is Kobe better than Curry?

Kobe was a phenomenal player and a cultural icon. He scored a mountain of points, but he didn’t impact winning to the same degree Curry does. Over the course of Curry’s career, the Warriors’ net rating is a whopping 11.5 points better when he’s on the floor: 8.92 to minus-2.58.

Who has better stats LeBron or Kobe?

LeBron’s career field goal percentage of 47.6 tops that of Kobe’s 45.5 percent, their career three point percentages are virtually identical, and Kobe’s career free throw percentage (83.7) bests LeBron’s (74.4), although LeBron gets to the line more per contest over the course of their respective paths.

Is Curry better than LeBron James?

Just for the record, Curry was a two-time M.V.P., won as many titles (three) as James — all against James’s team — and was the most dynamic talent for a Warriors team that set the record (73) for most games won in a season. … LeBron took his Miami and Cleveland teams to eight consecutive N.B.A.

Who’s the best 3 point shooter?

List of National Basketball Association career 3-point scoring leadersRankNameTotal 3-point field goals made1Ray Allen*2,9732Reggie Miller*2,5603Stephen Curry^2,4954Kyle Korver^2,45041 more rows

Why didnt LeBron attend Kobe funeral?

Lebron James Explains Why We Didn’t See Him At Kobe Bryant’s Memorial. “It’s just been hard to kind of talk about it,” he told a reporter during practice.

Is Curry top 10 all time?

The NBA world has been in a frenzy over ESPN’s latest list in which they ranked the top 74 players of all-time. Multiple members of the Golden State Warriors made the list but Stephen Curry ranked as the second-highest active player, placing 13th. One spot behind Curry is two-time Finals MVP, Kevin Durant.

Who is a better shooter than Curry?

Ray Allen currently holds the record for most three-pointers made in a career with 2,973. Curry currently sits third with 2,495, and he will likely pass Allen when his career is over. But Allen made some big shots in his career.

Why Steph Curry is the best shooter of all time?

He can get his shot in a variety of ways — off the dribble, off a screen, in transition. Although defenses tirelessly scheme to contain Curry and limit his shot attempts, his variety of moves and split-second release allow him to make shots that most players wouldn’t dare attempting.

How many shots does Curry shoot a day?

500 shotsSteph consistently puts up 300 shots after each practice during the season, and during the offseason Curry will ramp up his shooting to over 500 shots a day. Steph makes sure to shoot three types of shots.

Why LeBron is better then Kobe?

LeBron averages more points, rebounds, assists, steals and has a higher field goal percentage than Kobe in both the regular season and in the playoffs. That is complete domination. ESPN writer John Hollinger created PER (player efficiency rating) with the intention of measuring a player’s performance with one number.