Is Dhoni Better Than Sachin?

Can Virat Kohli make 100 centuries?

82 matches, 2794 runs, 50.8 average, 24 50s, SR 138.2 To answer the question of whether Virat Kohli will go past Tendulkar’s records of 100 centuries.

The answer to this as of now is Yes.

He is certainly on his way and could go past the record in the coming 5 years..

Who is the king of cricket?

Virat KohliVirat Kohli is the captain of the Indian Cricket team and of the IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is regarded as the one of the best batsman in the world and is also known as the king of cricket.

Did MS Dhoni retire from ODI?

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who led his side to victory in three global ICC tournaments, has announced his retirement from international cricket. The announcement on Saturday, 15 August, was in typical Dhoni style, understated and unexpected.

Is Dravid better than Sachin?

In overall Test wins, Dravid scores 65.78 runs an innings while Tendulkar isn’t too far back at 61.94. If you take their overall overseas Test record, Dravid has scored 7,690 runs in 94 matches at 53.03 with Tendulkar managing a marginally better average of 54.75 while gathering 8,705 runs in 106 Tests.

Is Virat Kohli good?

“Virat Kohli is a fantastic batsman. I was asked to name three top cricketers and I included Kohli in that list. He is a very, very good player. … India’s five-Test tour of England in 2014 saw Kohli score 134 runs at 13.40 with a highest score of 39.

Does Dhoni still play cricket?

New Delhi, Aug 15 () Two-time World Cup-winning former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from international cricket on Saturday, ending over one year of suspense and also an era during which his often unorthodox leadership and finishing skills became the stuff of legends.

Is Kohli better than Sachin?

Virat Kohli is miles ahead of Steve Smith among current batsmen because of his “unreal numbers”, said Kevin Pietersen, adding that the India skipper is even better than Sachin Tendulkar because of how he has mastered the art of chasing totals. “Kohli, hands down. … “He consistently wins games of cricket for India.

Who is World No 1 cricketer?

ODI BatsmenICC Player RankingsRankNameRating1V. Kohli8712R.G. Sharma8553Babar Azam8298 more rows

Why is Virat Kohli so successful?

In Virat’s Early days of cricket his performance gave him attention and also his behaviour. He was very aggresive before. … Now every body knows about Virat kohli’s Records, his Stats his Success. After he became captain of indian Cricket team these qualities of Virat Kohli affects on the team and players.

Who is the best Sachin or Dhoni?

He is considered demi-god in India where cricket is a religion. Sachin has been playing for India for over 20 years, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has played about half of that so far. While both are beloved icons in India, both of them could not be any more different. Their backgrounds are different.

Who got Sachin out most?

No Test bowler has dismissed Sachin more times than Anderson. England pacer James Anderson, who became the sixth bowler to register 500 Test wickets last week, has dismissed Sachin Tendulkar nine times in 14 Tests, the most times a bowler has taken his wicket in Test cricket.

Will Kohli break Sachin’s record?

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is the only active batsman close to breaking the legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s record of hundred centuries in international cricket. Kohli has already 70 hundreds in Tests and ODIs combined and has been backed by many to surpass Sachin in the future.

How many times has Sachin got out on 99?

He has been dismissed 24 times (17 in ODIs and 7 in Tests) on the scores of 90 to 99. On one occasion in ODIs, he remained unbeaten on 96.

What Sachin said about Dhoni?

“The one quality I liked about him was his calmness. It’s something that helped him be so successful,” Tendulkar said. “It has been a fantastic journey, he had come from a small place (Ranchi) and played 15 years for India. I wish him all the best after a fantastic career.