Is Klay Thompson A Good Shooter?

Is Klay Thompson a better shooter than Steph Curry?

Klay is nearly as good of a shooter as Steph but is way more efficient with the ball.

The difference between their career 3P% and career effective FG% is only 1.4% and 2.9%, respectively, in Steph’s favour..

What Is Klay Thompson good at?

He is credited as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. A three-time NBA champion with the Warriors, he is a five-time NBA All-Star and a two-time All-NBA Third Team honoree. He has also been named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. Thompson is the son of former NBA player Mychal Thompson.

Who is the best shooter in history?

Top 15 shooters in NBA history: CBS Sports ranks the greatest of all time, from Stephen Curry to Ray AllenStephen Curry. This is not even a debate. … Klay Thompson. … Ray Allen. … Larry Bird. … Reggie Miller. … Kyle Korver. … Steve Nash. … Kevin Durant.More items…•

How old is curry?

32 years (March 14, 1988)Stephen Curry/Age

Has anyone ever shot 100% in the NBA?

At time of writing, the last person to do it was Thomas Bryant on December 22nd, 2018 (31 points on 14/14 shooting). Caveat: this data is only fully accurate back to the 1983–84 season. Before that, many games lack FGA data , and thus a FG% statistic can’t be calculated.

How old is Seth Curry?

30 years (August 23, 1990)Seth Curry/Age

Is Steph Curry top 10 all time?

He’s already, according to my very scientific list, a top 20 all-time player. But the top 10 is rarified air. It’s reserved for the undisputed greats. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal and the like.

Is Klay Thompson the best shooter?

Outside of teammate Stephen Curry, Thompson might be the greatest shooter of all time. With five 3-pointers in Wednesday’s win over Houston, he joined Curry as the only players in NBA history to hit at least 200 3-pointers in seven straight seasons.

Who has the prettiest jump shot?

Stephen Wardell CurryWhen talking about most beautiful jump shot, one name may come in everyone’s mind and that’s Mr. Chef- Stephen Wardell Curry. His jumpshot is just too good and his shooting form, quick release and the follow through are what make it look awesome..

Is Kevin Durant better than Steph Curry?

Despite the size differences, Durant and Curry are averaging very similar numbers. For the season, Curry is averaging 29.3 points and 5.7 assists per game, while Kevin is putting up 29.0 points and 6.2 assists a night. … Steph is a much better 3-point shooter, shooting almost 13 percent better from deep than KD.

Is Klay Thompson a one motion shooter?

Klay is a right handed shooter, and because he is moving to the left, his right shoulder is already facing the basket. When Klay is moving to his right, his right shoulder is back and facing away from the net. Because he is a right handed shooter, this becomes a more difficult shot.

Who is the best shooter currently in the NBA?

RankPlayer3P%1.Seth Curry.44292.Duncan Robinson.43683.Stephen Curry.43474.Kyle Korver.428796 more rows•Oct 20, 2020

Who is the best shooter in the league?

Steph Curry1. Steph Curry, Warriors. There’s simply no case for anyone else being the greatest shooter in the league right now … or ever. Curry is more prolific than Steve Nash and Steve Kerr and more efficient than Reggie Miller and Larry Bird, and he gets shots in a greater variety of ways than all of them.

Who is a better shooter Klay or Steph?

He leads the NBA in points per game (31.8), field goals made (283) and three-pointers made (131), and he’s shooting a career-high 52 percent. Not surprisingly, Thompson called Curry the better shooter of the two—but he doesn’t think there is a huge gap. “Right now, Steph’s a better shooter,” Thompson said.

How many 3s did Klay Thompson make?

14 threesKlay Thompson set an NBA record with 14 threes.

Was Kobe a good 3 point shooter?

LeBron James is a 33.15% three-point shooter with 27.1 points per game, while Kobe Bryant was a 33.10% three-point shooter with 25.0 points per game. Also, Jordan shot 37%, 35%, 42%, and 37% from three in all the seasons he shot over 200 three-pointers.