Is NCSA A Good Recruiting Tool?

Do college coaches really use NCSA?

Because the vast majority of college coaches don’t use recruiting services to find, evaluate, and contact players.

Take A Look At This Data.

The majority of college coaches do not have or use NCSA, Captain U, Sports Recruits, NSR, or any the other college recruiting services out there, so why should you?.

Is NCSA recruiting free?

Any student-athlete 13 years or older can fill out a free NCSA profile. A profile is like an online athletic resume that college coaches can view as they search for potential recruits. If your child has already started a profile after attending an event, camp or combine, that’s great.

How legit is NCSA?

NCSA is legit, and is probably more appropriate for those players who fit the D-II, D-III, NAIA mold. … Like other posters have said, all these programs have their own recruiting metrics, but NCSA is a good way to introduce kids who may otherwise have been overlooked.

What does it mean when a coach follows you on NCSA?

We built the “athlete follow” to allow coaches to receive automatic updates about the recruits they are interested in. When a coach follows an athlete on the NCSA platform, they get immediate updates when that athlete uploads new video, adds academic information, and more.

What is NCSA Recruiting assessment?

The purpose of this call to help the athletes who are ready move on to the next step and get their recruiting off the ground. Once the coordinator has determined that the athlete is on the right track, they’ll find a recruiting specialist for your family to meet with based on your athlete’s sport and recruiting goals.

Can I get my money back from NCSA?

A player wishing a refund from NCSA may be eligible for a refund. There will be no refunds issued except in cases of medical or extraordinary family issues. Any requests for a refund must be made in writing, explaining the reason for the refund. In cases of injury, a doctor’s note must be provided.

Is NCSA NCAA approved?

Pertaining to College Coaches NCSA is compliant with NCAA in how we provide information to college coaches, since every college and university has access to NCSA for free. College coaches can click here to register for the Recruiting Management System and start connecting with potential recruits.

Are college recruiting services worth the money?

Many families seeking to highlight their hopeful athletes turn to high-level club sports programs, which cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 a year, or national recruiting services with one-time fees of $100 to $3,000. For those athletes able to land a full-ride college scholarship, those fees are a good investment.

How can I get out of my NCSA contract?

The student-athlete may opt out of using the NCSA Email Address at any time (“Opt-Out”). To effectuate the Opt-Out, the student-athlete can send an email with the subject line “NCSA Email Opt-Out” to The Opt-Out request will be effectuated within five (5) days of receipt.

What GPA do you need to play Division 1 sports?

Earn at least a 2.3 GPA in your core courses. Earn an SAT combined score or ACT sum score matching your core-course GPA on the Division I sliding scale, which balances your test score and core-course GPA. If you have a low test score, you need a higher core-course GPA to be eligible.

What is the best college recruiting website?

College Recruiting WebsitesRecruitChute. RecruitChute provides our players with a competitive advantage over a typical student-athlete navigating the recruiting process. … BeRecruited. … NCSA. … Custum College Sports Recruiting. … CaptainU Athlete: Make a great college team. … College Soccer Exposure ID Camps. … National Scouting Report. … Hudl.

What’s the easiest sport to get a scholarship?

Track and field scholarships are arguably some of the easiest sports scholarships to get. Why? Because they usually have limited competition. Most athletes train for some form of track and field, whether it’s long distance running or speed sprinting.

Can you delete an NCSA account?

If you have submitted personal information through the Services and set-up an account, then you can (i) access and update your personal information by logging into your online account and making the appropriate changes or (ii) delete your account by emailing us at

How much is an NCSA account?

It costs $249 per year for the student athlete to sign up for the minimum level of account with 3 other levels up to $999 per year (prices as of January 2017). The basic difference is whether or not you get a recruiting consultant and how much they do for you and whether or not the site produces your highlight video.

Is NCSA a good recruiting program?

NCSA is one of the top sports recruiting services, if not the best. You don’t get to be number one if you’re not producing results for your clients. NCSA does produce results, however there is always someone who is not happy. Read here parents who have expectations for their child that are simply not realistic.

Is NCSA next college student athlete legit?

Recruiting Services Like NCSA Are Legit for Student-Athletes This is always a difficult question to answer with online research. When reading reviews of NCSA, most of the reviews focus on the experience of individual users.

How do I get more coaches on NCSA?

Athletes are 17 times more likely to receive coach views with an uploaded transcript and 12 times more likely to receive coach views with a video. A complete profile also boosts their chances of showing up in results when a coach searches NCSA for athletes based on criteria like position or key stats and measurables.