Question: Can Gerbils Eat Carrots?

What are gerbils favorite food?

Gerbils will enjoy small amounts of dried banana, pumpkin seeds, nuts, millet (the kind sold for budgies and other birds), crispy vegetables such as raw broccoli and carrot, small amounts of fruit, such as apples and grapes (but break the skin so the gerbil can easily see the moist interior), alfalfa, and hay..

Can gerbils eat peanut butter?

The quick answer, yes. Peanut butter is perfectly safe for gerbils to consume. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about peanut butter and gerbils on the internet. Gerbils can eat peanuts.

What is poisonous to gerbils?

Nightshade, hemlock, daffodils, ivy, and buttercups are all toxic to gerbils. No matter how pretty daffodils look, do not keep them anywhere near your gerbil’s enclosure. They are curious animals and will gnaw at anything within their sight. You should, therefore, be very careful where you place the cage.

Can gerbils eat banana?

Most fruit is high in sugar content, which can be dangerous for gerbils. So, can gerbils eat bananas? Gerbils can eat fresh and dried bananas but only as an occasional treat. Bananas are a popular treat for pet gerbils and should be given in small pieces.

Can gerbils eat raw carrots?

Treats for Gerbils You can try items such as carrots, broccoli, dandelion greens, apples, and berries. Avoid raw kidney beans, raw potato, onion, potato leaves, and rhubarb leaves. Nuts can be offered but do so sparingly since they are high in fat. Whole grain bread can be offered either plain or toasted.

Can gerbils eat cheese?

Cheese is a foodstuff that’s made from milk. It isn’t found in a gerbil’s natural habitat, so it isn’t something that a wild gerbil would ever encounter. But that doesn’t mean your pet can’t eat it. Gerbils can eat cheese, but only in small quantities as they’re lactose intolerant.