Question: How Fast Is Kirin 710?

Which is better Kirin 710 or Snapdragon 710?

One of the advantages of Snapdragon 710 is being built on a 10nm FinFet process whereas the Kirin 710 SoC is produced on a 12nm process.

On the other hand, the Kirin 710 has quad performance cores of Cortex-A73 clocking at 2.2Ghz and the power efficient quad of Cortex-A53 clocking at 1.7Ghz..

Which is better Kirin 710 or Snapdragon 712?

Compared to the Snapdragon 710 predecessor, the 712 offers a 10% faster CPU and GPU due to clock rate increases (100 MHz for the CPU e.g.). … The Snapdragon 712 is manufactured in the modern 10 nm process at Samsung (10LPP).

Is Kirin 710f good for PUBG?

The Kirin 710F supports Huawei’s GPU Turbo 3.0 technology that helps improve the performance of all your favourite games, promising a lag-free experience every single time. … Playing games such as PUBG Mobile is even more fun on a powerful smartphone such as the HONOR 9X.

Which phones are best for PUBG?

Best Mobile Phones for Gaming in IndiaONEPLUS 8 PRO.NUBIA RED MAGIC 3S.IQOO 3 5G.REALME X50 PRO 5G.ONEPLUS 7T.REDMI K20 PRO.POCO X2.REALME 6 PRO.More items…

How fast is Snapdragon 712?

2.3GhzLike the 710, the 712 is built on a 10nm process. It retains the same octa-core CPU and GPU, but the clock speed has been bumped up to 2.3Ghz from 2.2Ghz.

Which is latest Kirin processor?

Kirin 9000 SoC has a Cortex A77 processor that is clocked at 3.13GHz, three Cortex A77 processors that are clocked at 2.54GHz and four Cortex A55 processors that are clocked at 2.05GHz. On the GPU front it has Mali G78 GPU with 24 cores, which is marginally more than the Kirin 9000E processor that comes with 22 cores.

Which Kirin processor is best for gaming?

The game runs at a 36FPS on a phone which is powered by Kirin 810, while the game runs at a 56FPS on a phone which features Snapdragon 845 processor. In general, the Kirin 810 chipset has the best performance among three processors with regard to stability and variability.

Which is better Kirin 980 or Snapdragon 855?

In short, the Snapdragon 855 should be three times faster than the Snapdragon 845 and two times faster than the Kirin 980 SoC. … The Snapdragon 855 should deliver real-time portrait modes or be able to detect objects with relatively low power consumption.

Which is faster Snapdragon or Kirin?

While the Snapdragon 625 uses eight cores all clocked at 2.0 GHz, the Kirin 659 has four powerful, performance cores clocked at 2.36 GHz, and four power-saving cores clocked at 1.7 GHz. … The 625’s weakest cores are also clocked at 2.0 GHz, while the Kirin 659’s opt for a lower 1.7 GHz clock speed.

What is the best phone in the world right now?

The 10 best smartphones of 2020: Z Fold 2 tough to beat for productivitySamsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G. $2,000 at Best Buy.Samsung Galaxy Note 20/Note 20 Ultra 5G. $957 at Amazon.Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max. … Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra. … Google Pixel 5. … OnePlus 8/8 Pro. … LG V60 ThinQ 5G. … Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.More items…•

Which Snapdragon processor is best for PUBG?

PUBG MOBILE on a Snapdragon 660, Helio P60/P70 and Kirin 970 should deliver a smoother gameplay experience with medium graphics. Luckily, for gamers on a budget, the POCO F1 starting from Rs 19,999 is the cheapest smartphone that offers the Snapdragon 845 chipset and 6GB RAM.

What is the most powerful smart phone?

Powered by the 3.1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G Mobile Platform, the ROG 3 is the most powerful mobile device in the world. Some product designs are iconic: Mini Cooper, Porsche 911, and in the phone world Nokia 3310 and iPhone. Add to that list ROG phones by Asus.

Is Snapdragon 712 AIE good?

The Snapdragon 712 (SDM712) is a midrange ARMv8-based SoC Qualcomm announced in January. The Snapdragon 712 succeeds the Snapdragon 710 and can clock up to 2.3 GHz, which is 100 MHz more than its predecessor can. According to Qualcomm, the clock speed bump should deliver up to 10% improved performance.

How good is Snapdragon 710?

The Snapdragon 710 brings in a major improvement in gaming and power efficiency. In other words, battery consumption will be significantly lesser with intensive tasks like gaming. It will also pass on up to 25 percent performance gain over Snapdragon 660 that it succeeds.

Is Kirin 710 A good processor?

4. Kirin 710 powerful chipset, with GPU performance increased by 130%, and CPU single-core performance increased by 75%, and GPU Turbo technology to boost efficiency in graphics processing with full FPS and FPS stability for gaming, while still reducing power consumption.

Which phone has the fastest processor?

10 Best Snapdragon 845 Phones to buy in 2020Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 PhonesScoreSamsung Galaxy Note 98.3LG Velvet8.0Xiaomi Pocophone F17.4Google Pixel 3 XL7.85 more rows•Nov 2, 2020

Is Snapdragon 712 good?

Snapdragon 712 explained by Qualcomm: It’s about enhanced Gaming performance. … The Snapdragon 712 processor is said to be capable of achieving faster processing speed and graphics rendering during gaming, allowing heavy games, multiplayer games and other types of games to run smoothly and respond quickly.

What is the difference between Kirin 710 and 710f?

Specifically, the Kirin 710F is the same chipset as the Kirin 710, but it implements a ‘Flip Chip’ package, a method of chip manufacturing that allows room for more transistors without increasing the actual size of the chip.

What is the most powerful Snapdragon processor?

Share All sharing options for: Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 865 Plus is its most powerful mobile chip, designed for gamingThe Kryo 585 CPU has had its clock speed boosted up to a maximum of 3.1GHz, which is 10 percent higher than the standard 865.The Adreno 650 GPU offers 10 percent faster graphics rendering.More items…•

Is Kirin 710 PUBG good?

Most games including PUBG Mobile are playable without any hiccups. The Mali-G51 MP4 GPU used in Kirin 710 is weaker than Adreno 509 (Snapdragon 636) and Mali-G72 MP3 (Helio P70). However, with the help of GPU Turbo Boost and some good optimizations by Huawei, the gaming performance is pretty smooth.

Is honor 8x good for gaming?

In terms of gameplay and graphics it is very similar to the computer version. When testing the PUBG Mobile for the first time at HONOR 8X, you get HD Frame settings with High Frame Rate. … Turn to the PUBG Mobile game at HONOR 8X, you can play this game very smoothly without any obstacles.