Question: Is The Mastiff Better Than The Peacekeeper?

Is the mastiff good Apex Season 5?

#5 Mastiff The season 5 update rotated this beast out of the care packages and made it a regular shotgun.

Although it received a nerf, the Mastiff still dominates in close combat.

Considering all pellets hit the target, the Mastiff will knock a player with 2-3 shots, compared to 4 shots for its counterparts..

Is the mastiff still in Apex?

The Mastiff is now a floor loot weapon in Apex Legends after being taken out of supply drops. … Respawn Entertainment The Mastiff was previously only a legendary weapon in Apex.

What is the strongest gun in Apex legends?

The KraberAmmo: Unique The Kraber is undoubtedly the best weapon in Apex Legends. Body shots will take out even Legendary armour, and headshots will instantly knock an enemy. It’s powerful, but it is a legendary weapon only found in supply drops, which will be marked on the map by three blue rings that ripple like water.

What is the best gun in Apex Season 5?

Best Guns In Apex Legends Season 5: Ultimate Weapon Tier List3 Havoc.4 G7 Scout. … 5 Hemlok. … 6 Longbow. … 7 Devotion. … 8 L-Star. Unlike in other seasons, the L-Star isn’t in the care package. … 9 Kraber. Any player with spectacular accuracy chooses Kraber as their sniper. … 10 Peacekeeper. Of all the weapons this Season, Peacekeeper tops the list of the most significant reforms. … More items…•

What is the new gun in Apex Season 5?

Respawn confirms there won’t be a new weapon in Apex Legends season 5. This season will be the game’s first without a new weapon—and fans aren’t exactly happy about it. Apex Legends season five will bring plenty of changes to the game, as is Respawn’s custom from season to season.

Are mastiffs good apex?

Devastating at extremely close range, the Mastiff is nonetheless a challenging gun to use correctly thanks to its bizarre horizontal line spread pattern, which nearly guarantees that not all of your pellets will hit.

Did the Mastiff get nerfed?

Its fast damage made it the perfect weapon for players dominating their opponents. … After applying a nerf to the weapon, it was then added to the base loot, no longer a hard-to-find legendary weapon. Mastiff Shotgun’s damage has been reduced to 13 damage per pellet while its headshot multiplier dropped from 2 to 1.25.

How much damage does a mastiff do?

Powerful semi-auto shotgun. The Apex Legends Mastiff is a Shotgun that uses Unique Ammo and does 144 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 144 Damage Per Shot. It takes N/A to reload an empty magazine and 1.03s per shell if you have some ammo already in the gun. The Mastiff can attach .

What is the most powerful gun in Apex legends?

Holding a total of 40 rounds per magazine, the full-automatic plasma based L-STAR is arguably the most powerful LMG in Apex Legends. Unfortunately, not only is the weapon limited to just Supply Drops, its unique ammunition is also extremely rare, which will make replenishing it’s ammunition near impossible.

How does the peacekeeper work apex?

The Peacekeeper has a spread pattern that looks similar to a star. When you pair a Precision Choke Hop-up with the Peacekeeper, it gives you the ability to hold down the aim button and charge up your shot. When you charge your shot, you’ll be able to fire a much closer spread, making the damage even more lethal.

Is the EVA 8 full auto?

Full-auto shotgun. The Apex Legends EVA-8 Auto is a Shotgun that uses Shotgun Ammo and does 126 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 63 Damage Per Shot. It takes 3.0s to reload an empty magazine and 2.75s if you have some ammo already in the gun.

Why is the peacekeeper legendary?

The Peacekeeper shotgun has long been considered a top-tier weapon in Apex Legends. The gun has always been able to blast away enemies with effectiveness and is often selected as one of the two guns in a player’s arsenal in the battle royale.

What gun is the r301 based on?

R-301 CarbineDesign Details. The R-301 Carbine is a carbine weapon, part of the R-weapons family developed by Lastimosa Armory. It is a successor to the R-101C Carbine employed in the Frontier War, though it employs more design details similar to the R-201 Assault Rifle.

How do you get the mastiff armor?

Crafting. To assemble the full set, 2 stacks of Enchanted Diamonds, 24 stacks of Enchanted Dark Oak Wood (to craft the prerequisite Armor of Growth), 2 stacks of Enchanted Gold, and 16 Golden Teeth (8 stacks of Enchanted Gold and 32 stacks of Wolf Teeth) are required.

Did they nerf the peacekeeper apex?

EA The Peacekeeper was considerably nerfed in Apex Legends’ December 5 update. This makes it more difficult to hit “full chunks of damage” while still ensuring that shots continue to feel consistent. Decreased the range at which the Peacekeeper can still be used for maximum damage.

What ammo does mastiff use?

Mastiff ShotgunTypeShotgunFire-ModesSingleAmmo TypeShotgun shellsRate of Fire60 RPM11 more rows