Question: Is Vijayawada A Safe Place?

Which is the best city to live in Andhra Pradesh?

6 Best Cities in Andhra PradeshTirupati.

Pilgrimage | City.


Beach | City | Nature & Scenic.


City | Pilgrimage.


City | Historical & Heritage.





Which city is known as Steel City?

JamshedpurJamshedpur: The city of steel.

What is the population of Vijayawada in 2020?

Although Vijayawada city has population of 1,034,358; its urban / metropolitan population is 1,476,931 of which 743,267 are males and 733,664 are females.

How many platforms are there in Vijayawada railway station?

10Vijayawada Junction railway stationVijayawada JunctionLine(s)Howrah–Chennai main line, New Delhi–Chennai main linePlatforms10Tracks22Construction22 more rows

What is Vijayawada famous for?

Vijayawada is considered to be a sacred place for residing one of the most visited and famous temples of Andhra Pradesh and India, Kanka Durga Temple of Hindu Goddess Durga. It also serves as the ritual host of Pushkaram (a river worshipping ritual in Andhra Pradesh and India) of River Krishna.

How many divisions are there in Vijayawada?

It is one of the 4 revenue divisions in the district with 15 mandals under its administration….Vijayawada revenue divisionCountryIndiaStateAndhra PradeshDistrictKrishnaHeadquartersVijayawada1 more row

Which is silk city of India?

Pochampally ikatPochampally ikat, is a sort of silk that was discovered in a community of Andhra Pradesh, Bhoodan Pochampally. Named as the “Silk City of India”, the town is known for giving the world a texture that can beat any other form of ikat in the entire nation.

Who is Vijayawada municipal commissioner?

Prasanna VenkateshKey ContactsSr. NoNamedesignation1Sri A.MD.Imtiaz, I.A.S.,Special Officer2Sri V. Prasanna Venkatesh, I.A.S.,Commissioner3A.Mohan RaoAdditional Commissioner(General)4D. MariyannaChief Engineer16 more rows

What is the nickname of Vijayawada?

Place of Victory, Land of VictoryList of Cities in India and their NicknamesCity with StatesNick NamesVijayawada (Andhra Pradesh)Place of Victory, Land of VictoryAmritsar (Punjab)Golden CityPatiala (Punjab)Royal CityMuzzaffarpur (Bihar)Lychee City89 more rows•Aug 20, 2019

Which is biggest city in AP?

VisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh/Largest cities

What can I buy in Vijayawada?

Shopping in VijayawadaKalamkari Artworks. Perhaps one of the most famous art forms of this region would be the Kalamkari paintings, which are an endearing illustration of the regional culture. … Sandal Woodworks. Woodworks are another one of the most popular crafts of Andhra Pradesh. … Leather Puppets. … Kondapalli Toys. … Mangalagiri Sarees.

How many divisions are there in SCR?

six divisionsDivisions. As of 2015, SCR consists of six divisions: Secunderabad, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Nanded, Guntakal and Guntur.

Is Vijayawada a metropolitan city?

Vijayawada city, one of the thirty-five metropolitan cities in the country, the third largest city in the State of Andhra Pradesh after Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam, located on banks of river Krishna. Vijayawada has considerable historical importance and cultural heritage.

What is the meaning of Vijayawada?

The Place of VictoryVijayawada literally translates to “The Place of Victory”. It is also known as Bezawada . It is the second largest and populos city in Andhra Pradesh, India and is located on the banks of the Krishna River.

Which city is known as Indian Paris?

JaipurWhy Jaipur is known as the Paris of India.