Question: What Country Does GEO Stand For?

Is South Africa a 1st world country?

The truth is that South Africa is neither a First World nor a Third World country, or rather that it is both.

South Africa’s rich whites make up 17 percent of the population and account for 70 percent of the wealth, and those figures make it an exact microcosm of the world at large..

What country abbreviation is BRN?

BruneiBRN is the three-letter country abbreviation for Brunei.

What country abbreviation is Mar?

The French word for Morocco is Maroc – and the abbreviation MAR is therefore used for sporting events and as the official country code.

What country does RSA stand for?

the Republic of South AfricaSouth Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is the southernmost country in Africa.

What country is ISL in soccer?

IcelandISL: Iceland. In French, “Iceland” is spelled “Islande.” The FIFA Code refers to the French spelling.

What does BTW mean sexually?

BTW in SexualBTWBy The Way Army, Medical, InternetBTWBig Titty Woman

What is PL country?

pl is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Poland, administered by NASK, the Polish research and development organization.

What country is are the abbreviation for?

United Arab EmiratesARE is the three-letter country abbreviation for United Arab Emirates.

How many countries are in the IOC?

There are 206 member nations of the International Olympic Committee.

What is RSA short for?

The name RSA refers to the public-key encryption technology developed by RSA Data Security, Inc., which was founded in 1982. The abbreviation stands for Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman, the inventors of the technique.

What country abbreviation is BG?

Country AbbreviationsAlphabetically by abbreviationAbbrev.CountrybdBangladeshbfBurkina FasobgBulgaria234 more rows

What country is CRC in Olympics?

Costa RicaAbbreviation codes for the Olympic countriesCountries SportsCOKCook IslandsPortugalCRCCosta RicaPuerto RicoCIVCote d’IvoireQatar120 more rows

What country abbreviation is sp?

Saint HelenaSHSHSouth SudanSSODSpainESSPSri LankaLKCESudanSDSU26 more rows

What LMAO means?

LMAO is an abbreviation in digital communications for laughing my ass off. It is used in reaction to something considered extremely funny.

What country abbreviation is CH?

SwitzerlandThe domain ch , as with other ccTLDs, is based on the ISO 3166-2 code for Switzerland derived from Confoederatio Helvetica (Helvetic Confederation), the Latin name for the country, which was used because of its neutrality with regard to the four official languages of Switzerland.

What is the name of all country?

All CountriesAfghanistan.Albania.Algeria.Andorra.Angola.Antigua and Barbuda.Argentina.Armenia.More items…

What country is TGO?

TogoTGO is the three-letter country abbreviation for Togo.

What is the short form of world?

Abbreviation for WorldWldWorldWLDWorld downvoted Army, War, Force

What is India’s full name?

India (Hindi: Bhārat), officially the Republic of India (Hindi: Bhārat Gaṇarājya), is a country in South Asia. It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world.

What country abbreviation is SG?

SingaporeISO 3166-2:SG is the entry for Singapore in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which defines codes for the names of the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

What country is EU an abbreviation for?

Member States of the European UnionMember States of the European Union (EU) and other countries have been assigned a two-letter country code, always written in capital letters, and often used as an abbreviation in statistical analyses, tables, figures or maps.

What’s wrong with South Africa?

Corruption, poverty, high unemployment, and violent crime significantly restricted South Africans’ enjoyment of their rights. Cuts to health and education services also compromised quality and access to these rights.