Quick Answer: How Do You Counter Eudora?

How do you counter Lunox?

5 Ways You Can Counter Lunox in Mobile Legends!Use Heroes with Control Skills.

When using her ultimate, especially when her chaos mode is on the far right, Lunox keeps on giving magic damage to her target.

Kill Her as Soon as Possible.

Buy Items That Reduces Healing Effects.

Use Natalia.

Use Battle Spell Flicker..

Is Cecilion worth buying?

Yes, you should buy such a hero, since his damage scaling during the early phase increases much better in comparison to stacked damage heroes such as Aldous. Of course, his OP mechanics won’t last long. And by long I mean really long. Probably would last until the next season before Moonton acknowledge the issue.

What hero can counter Harley?

Harley ult deadly magic can be block by other hero as well. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Harley trying to harass you in lane hide behind your minion, Harley always targeting you with his ult hide behind your tank let him take the ring of fire. *Hard CC & Flicker/Telport/Dash are good against Harley.

How do you counter Odette ultimate?

Counter Tips Stay away from Odette. With her ultimate she kills you instant. After her skill is used then attack but wait for it.

Is Lunox strong?

As an ex top-elo mage main, Lunox is one of the strongest mages in the game, even stronger than Harith, Alice, Selena, and Gusion when mastered.

Is Guinevere good 2020?

Guinevere is a very powerful, almost imbalanced hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As a Mage and Fighter hero, she can deal massive amounts of magic damage and stun and disable them for a few seconds, all while being immune to stuns and disables!

How do you counter Guinevere?

Guinevere Laning and Countering CountersGuinevere. Let’s start with laning: … Helcurt. Helcurt was deemed an instant Guinevere counter as he can silence her CC and delete her with his 2nd skill fully made. … Concentrated Energy. Badang.Badang. Badang is actually pretty simple to counter. … Khufra. Khufra is simple as well. … WanWan. … Aldous.

How do you counter Aurora?

Many counters:ask a wraith to back her up so you have time to reposition.the gem that cleanses you, make an anti aurora deck.take a group or self statis.ask people to cc her first.consider Grim as a counter as he has two abilities that displace her.play adc aurora.

Is Guinevere worth buying?

She is the best mage in the game or at least one of the top three. Guinevere clears lanes and jungles, and she’s great at power-burst ganking. She’s a fighter who needs to leech life with magic damage, but that’s no problem because she can put out a horrific amount of magic damage (and has better crowd control too).

Should I buy Guinevere or Lunox?

I would recommend going for Guinevere. While Lunox and Kagura are also powerful, Guinevere is way easier to use and can carry the team. Guinevere is a charge/burst type hero. She has mobility, CC, and AoE.

Is Eudora a good hero?

Eudora, the Lightning Sorceress, is a Mage hero in Mobile Legends with Burst/Reap specialty. She is known for dealing one of the highest burst magic damage in the game, thanks to her lightning spells and passive ability that further enhances the damage of her skills.

Who can counter Harith?

BEST TEAMMATES. Gatotkaca: With the help of strong CC heroes, Harith can better deal damage.Counters. Kaja: Still as a fragile mage, Harith is countered by heroes with strong CC.Countered by. Layla: Counters Heroes without burst damage and high HP.

What is counter in mobile legends?

What are counters? When talking about counters, players usually refer to certain Heroes with outstanding abilities to disable, hamper and disrupt specific picks. This concept, however, can also be transferred to Items and in-game decisions. For this Mobile Legends guide, we’ll solely focus on Hero counters though.

Should I buy Esmeralda or Guinevere?

Out of the three, Esmeralda and Guinevere are the most painful to deal with, but you have to master them. I suggest you buy Esmeralda, since she’s a tank, and it’s rare to get any good tank players. However, in rank, she almost always get banned in draft pick, so buy a new hero then.