Quick Answer: Is Fall Short An Idiom?

What is fall through statement in Java?

When the variable being switched on is equal to a case, the statements following that case will execute until a break statement is reached.

When a break statement is reached, the switch terminates, and the flow of control jumps to the next line following the switch statement..

Is on the loose an idiom?

Not constrained by responsibilities, free to indulge oneself. This seemingly modern slangy expression dates from the mid-1700s, when it could also mean to live by prostitution.

What is the meaning of fall through?

: to fail or stop in a sudden or final way Contract negotiations have fallen through. Our vacation plans have fallen through.

What does fall short of glory mean?

nasb, niv, hcsb, and esv translate uaxepoovxai xfjc So^r]<; xou 0eoo as "fall short. of the glory of God." Within this translation tradition the verse conveys the. sense that by sinning everyone fails to achieve some objective called "the glory. of God," for which they are or ought to be striving.

What does running loose mean?

0. To “let loose” is synonymous with “liberate”, “set free” or “unleash”. Some examples: “The dogs were let loose, and they chased the cars driving by.” “Amy was talking to me for hours, she really let [her thoughts] loose!” To “run loose” means to go out on one’s own, without any previous hindrances or limitations.

What means quaint?

1a : pleasingly or strikingly old-fashioned or unfamiliar a quaint phrase. b : unusual or different in character or appearance : odd. 2a : marked by skillful design quaint with many a device in India ink— Herman Melville. b : marked by beauty or elegance.

How do you use falling short in a sentence?

Falling-short sentence examples The Lunar Year, Therefore, Contained 354 Days, Falling Short Of The Exact Time Of Twelve Lunations By About 8.8 Hours. The actual church is always falling short of its profession; but its successive reformations witness to the strength of its longing after the beauty of holiness.

What is the definition of fail?

1 : to be unsuccessful He failed the test. 2 : to grade as not passing My teacher failed me. 3 : to stop functioning The engine failed. 4 : to be or become absent or not enough The water supply failed. 5 : to become bankrupt The business failed.

What does rampage mean?

noun. violent or excited behavior that is reckless, uncontrolled, or destructive. a state of violent anger or agitation: The smallest mistake sends him into a rampage. The river has gone on a rampage and flooded the countryside.

What is the verb of failure?

fail. (intransitive) To be unsuccessful. (transitive) Not to achieve a particular stated goal. (Usage note: The direct object of this word is usually an infinitive.)

Is fail a word?

Yes, fails is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does loose mean in slang?

promiscuousadjective. promiscuous. You should try to get with that girl from biology. I hear she’s loose. See more words with the same meaning: promiscuous.

What does short of something mean?

short of something/of doing something without something or without doing something; unless something happens: Short of a miracle, we’re certain to lose.

What does fall short mean?

C1. to fail to reach an amount or standard that was expected or hoped for, causing disappointment: August car sales fell short of the industry’s expectations.

What is a synonym for failing?

Some common synonyms of failing are fault, foible, frailty, and vice.

What does falling back mean?

1. phrasal verb. If you fall back, you move backwards a short distance away from someone or something.