Quick Answer: What Is The Best Bath In Budapest?

What clothes to take to Budapest baths?

Minimum a proper bikini style swim wear, or a sporty tankini, shorts (with a top), or a one piece ladies swimsuit too, should you be a bit shy or you prefer more coverage (swim caps are mandatory in the swimming pool, but not in the other thermal pools)..

Are the Budapest baths clean?

The hot thermal pools at Szechenyi Baths are filtered and completely refilled every day to ensure the water quality, while the swimming pool and other cool pools are treated with cleaning salts and a non-invasive amount of chlorine.

Why does Budapest have thermal baths?

Now with over a dozen thermal bath locations in the city, Budapest thrives on spa culture, and for good reason. Roman settlers discovered that the waters were rich in dissolved minerals and could be used for relaxation and medicinal purposes.

What do I need to know about Budapest baths?

Here’s the 411 on what you need to know when visiting the Széchenyi Baths in Budapest.Visit during the weekday. … Pick your timings for either first thing or later in the evening. … Pack flip-flops, a bathing suit and towel. … Rent a locker. … Prepare for the maze. … Time of year is super important. … Waterproof cameras are a great idea.More items…•