Quick Answer: What Is The Full Meaning Of OPC?

What is OPC in gaming?

OPC = Over Protected Cargo – refers to the state where your mined cargo is over the limit where your ship naturally hides your cargo.

Once you are over this limit you become fair game..

What is the full meaning of RMC?

Ready Mixed ConcreteAs the name indicates, Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) is the concrete which is delivered in the ready- to-use manner. RMC is defined by the American Concrete Institute’s Committee 116R-90 as: “Concrete that is manufactured for delivery to a purchaser in a plastic and unhardened state”.

What does NB MF mean?

NBMFAcronymDefinitionNBMFNew Brunswick Masonic Family (Canada)

What does OOC mean?

out of characterOOC is an acronym that stand for out of character. It is often used in role-playing when a person wants to break character or in fanfiction when a writer is expressing concern that a character was not himself in a certain scene or instance of dialogue. The opposite of OOC is BIC (back in character).

What is a one man company?

One person company (OPC) means a company formed with only one (single) person as a member, unlike the traditional manner of having at least two members.

What does 1v1 mean?

1 versus 11v1. Abbreviation of 1 versus 1, which means two players battling against each other. Can be extended to any player versus player grouping, such as ‘2v2’ to mean two teams battling each other, with each team having two players, but requires that all four players be in the same battle.

What does F mean in gaming?

pay respectsBasically, to gamers, F means pay respects, and this action refers back to Advanced Warfare.

Office of Parliamentary CounselOPC in LawOPCOffice of Parliamentary Counsel Australia, Parliamentary, CounselOPCOffice of the Parliamentary Counsel Government, Drafting, OfficeOPCOntario Police College Training, Education, Service

What does OPC mean in finance?

Opinion of Probable CostOPC — Opinion of Probable Cost.

What is OPC in real estate?

OPM! OPC! Other People’s Money! Other People’s Credit! One of the best strategies for launching into no money down real estate comes down to realizing that your greatest resources are not found within you but from the out.

What does active NS mean in real estate?

Sold conditional and are available for showingsSold conditional and are available for showings Active—- NS ANS Conditional Sale—No Showings.

What does a gamer mean?

A gamer is a person who plays interactive games, especially video games, tabletop role-playing games, and skill-based card games, and who plays for usually long periods of time. Some gamers are competitive, meaning that they compete in some games for money. … There are many different gamer communities around the world.