Quick Answer: What Is The Thousand Pierced Bear?

Why did I get the thousand pierced bear?

To commemorate Volibear’s update, we’re temporarily giving away the Thousand-Pierced Bear skin.

To commemorate Volibear’s update, we’re giving away the Thousand-Pierced Bear skin to all players who owned Volibear prior to patch 10.11 and all players who purchase him during patch 10.11..

Does Volibear heal?

Frenzied Maul Volibear damages an enemy, applying on-hit effects and marking them. Casting this ability again on the same target deals bonus damage and Heals Volibear.

Is Volibear a Jungler?

Volibear is in a decent spot right now. He’s not broken like he was a few weeks after he came out, but he’s still a pretty good jungle pick at all elos. … The reworked Volibear is very different from his previous iteration.

Does Volibear fall off?

The maximum amount of five stacks allows him to conjure spreading AoE bolts through his auto attacks up to five enemies. If Volibear can’t maintain dealing damage after six seconds, the stacks fall off.

How much blue essence is Volibear?

Volibear costs 4,800 Blue Essence if you want to purchase him from the client’s store, so it’s not much of an investment to ask for if you’ve got some extra Blue Essence laying around and want a free skin.

Where is Volibear from?

The unforgiving northern reaches of the Freljord are home to the Ursine, a fierce and warlike race that has endured the barren tundra for thousands of years. Their leader is a furious adversary who commands the force of lightning to strike fear within his foes: Volibear.

Why did I get a Volibear skin?

The new Volibear arrived with patch 10.11 and brings a present with him to players. All players that owned the champion prior to the rework will receive the new Thousand-Pierced Bear skin for free. To claim the skin, all you have to do is log into League of Legends.

Do you get a free Volibear skin?

As well as showing off the newest champion Sett and giving an update on the team’s rework of Fiddlesticks, Reav3 revealed that owners of the other champion currently receiving a VGU, Volibear, will get a free skin once his rework is complete.

How do I get the Volibear skin?

League players who owned Volibear prior to or during Patch 10.11 will automatically be given the Thousand-Pierced Bear skin for free. Riot will start handing skins out today at 3pm CT and will continue its distribution until June 10 at 3pm CT. Fans will receive the skin as soon as they log in.

How do I get Eldritch Volibear?

How to get the ‘Eldritch Horror’-style Volibear skin. Getting your hands on the skin is incredibly simple: you just need to own the champion. Anybody who already has Volibear when his VGU goes live, or purchases him during the patch he is released in, will receive the skin.

Is Volibear a jungle or top?

Go jungle if you want more breathing room from your enemy. Go top if you want fun combos and gold. Both scenarios also are good for team fights, and benefit from building tank.