Quick Answer: Where Did Jose Bautista Go?

What team is Jose Bautista 2020?

Bautista on returning to Toronto On Wednesday, the Blue Jays and Bautista agreed to a one-year deal worth $18 million..

How many homeruns does Jose Bautista have?

José BautistaMLB statisticsBatting average.247Home runs344Runs batted in97513 more rows

How tall is Jose Bautista?

1.83 mJosé Bautista/Height

How much does Jose Bautista make?

18 million USD (2017)José Bautista/Salary

What number is Jose Bautista?

Newest shortstop Freddy Galvis explains why once he realized his jersey number was Jose Bautista’s old #19, he decided to change it to #16 out of respect for the Blue Jays’ great.

Where does Jose Bautista play now?

Dominican Republic national baseball teamJosé Bautista/Current teams

Did Jose Bautista retire?

Veteran slugger Jose Bautista isn’t announcing a comeback bid after taking off the 2019 season, but neither is he prepared to declare his career over. The 39-year-old discussed his status with MLB.com’s Nathalie Alonso (Spanish language link).

Is Jose Bautista still playing baseball?

Bautista, famous for his epic bat flip on a tie-breaking three-run homer in Game 5 of the 2015 ALDS against Texas, has not played in a major league game since Sept. 30 of 2018. Primarily an outfielder and third basemen, Bautista hit 344 home runs over the course of his 15-year career.