Quick Answer: Why It Is Good To Have A Rebel?

What does the rebel do when everyone talks during the lesson?

When everybody talks during the lesson, The rebel doesn’t say a word.

When nobody talks during the lesson, The rebel creates a disturbance..

What do you think rebel doesn’t like?

The rebel is described as the person who acts differently and resists the confirmation to the opinion or belief propagated by the majority. Thus, the rebel doesn’t like what others like. The poet exemplifies it through a pseudo rebel who likes short hair when everyone has long hair.

What does the word rebel mean?

A rebel is a person who resists or defies rules or norms or rises up against the powers that be. … As a noun, rebel is pronounced “REB-uhl.” Rebel is also a verb meaning to resist or rise up against authority or tradition.

What does the rebel want?

Answer: 1. When everyone wants a clear sky, the rebel wants the Sun. 3. If a rebel has a dog for a pet, the others are most likely to be cat lovers.

Why it is not good to have a rebel?

Its not good to be a rebel oneself because if you oppose each and every thing then no one will accept you. You will not be respected by others and nobody would like you. It will cause problems in relationship with your family and friends. There will be many other problems too.

Do you want to be a rebel Why or why not?

Answer. Explanation: In the poem “The Rebel”, it is narrated in a way that the rebel is personified as a human being. The poet illustrates that it is not good to rebel because it is not possible to have guts to refute against the majority and it is impossible to hurt the feelings of the people.

What does the rebel do when everyone agree?

What does the rebel do when everyone agrees? Ans: When everyone agrees he says, no thank you.

What does rebel do when everybody has long hair?

When everybody has long hair, The rebel cuts his hairs short. When everybody talks during the lesson, The rebel doesn’t say a word. … In the company of cat lovers, The rebel puts in a good word for dogs.

Why does the rebel keep long and short hair?

Paraphrase : The rebel is inclined to keep his hair long when others prefer short hair and vice versa. The rebel believes in keeping quiet when all the children make a noise in the class. But he will create a lot of disturbance when everybody is quiet.