What Blades Should REX Use?

Do boosters help get rare blades?

they do NOT increase your chances of getting rare blades.

they increase your chances of getting blades of a certain element.

This is slightly contradictory.

The boosters don’t increase the odds of you pulling a rare, but they will influence which rares you pull since all rares are tied to their specific element..

How do you get rare blades in xeno 2?

Core Crystals is the element from which players will get Rare and Legendary Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – they will have to Bond Core Crystals in the game in order to get Rare and Legendary Blades. Core Crystals are divided into 3 types in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Common, Legendary and Rare.

Should I bond blades with Rex?

Not bonding to Rex early is actually not a good idea. He needs to complete blade affinity charts to raise his idea levels, which not affect only your chances for rare blades, but your elemental damage. You should bond at least a handful so that Rex also has some blades to use.

Can Rex use pandoria?

User Info: SapphireOfChaos. You can’t remove any other Driver’s top slot blade. Just select Zeke’s 2nd or 3rd blade slot, put Pandoria there, then have Rex engage Pandoria.

Who is the best blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: The 10 Best Blades And Who To Equip Them To1 KOS-MOS. Equip To: Zeke.2 Vale. Equip To: Zeke. … 3 Kasandra. Equip To: Morag. … 4 Electra. Equip To: Morag. … 5 Boreas. Equip To: Nia. … 6 Ursula. Equip To: Nia. … 7 Nim. Equip To: Nia. … 8 Roc. Equip To: Rex (or Zeke) … More items…•

How many blades can rex have?

fourBlades. Canonically speaking Rex has access to four (or technically five) Blades within the story of the game, the most out of all the characters within the story.

Should I use core crystals on Rex?

Little mechanic spoil : don’t use core cristal on rex, he gain enough blade through the story (and another effect later so no need for blade), or at least don’t give him too much rare blade …

How many blades can you have xenoblade 2?

192I believe the maximum number of common blades you can hold at once was 192. Rare Blades have no limit. You can’t awaken any more blades if your common blade limit is maxed out though. So if you have max common blades, but still need Rare Blades, you will have to release some common blades first.

Can Rex use any blade?

No, the weapon type is fixed to the blade class, because all blades with that weapon type grant the same driver arts. … The only person who can have the same weapon/driver arts and change their blade class is Tora/Poppi.

What do boosters do Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

Compassion Boosters are Boosters items in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They can be received from certain shops as a reward after selling a set obtained from a Salvage Point. They can be used when resonating with Core Crystals to increases the player’s Compassion Idea Stat. Up to 5 can be used at once.

How many blades can you recruit?

My understanding of it is that you can have up to 3 people join the Blades, most of them are followers (if not all). However, should a follower die, you can’t recruit more (possible glitch), however you could possibly use console commands, depending on your platform.

Can you get a rare blade from a common core crystal?

It’s still RNG, but you can influence it with level, LCK stat and boosters. I have 5 rare blades left to get. I opened 133 cores between my last two, Vale and Agate. 3 legendary, 51 rare and the rest common.