What Is Another Word For Extraordinary?

What is a extraordinary?

1a : going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary extraordinary powers.

b : exceptional to a very marked extent extraordinary beauty.

c of a financial transaction : nonrecurring.

2 : employed for or sent on a special function or service an ambassador extraordinary..

What is the difference between extraordinary and extra ordinary?

“Extraordinary” means very unusual or remarkable. It also means additional or specially employed or convened. Both senses are in keeping with the root meaning in Latin extra ordinem (‘outside the normal course of events’). The construction “extra ordinary” just means “very ordinary” — and stylistically inelegant.

What is the extraordinary quality of a good person?

Positive Attitude and Perseverance – Extraordinary people have realistic optimism. Realistic because they take action and optimistic because no matter what the result may be, they believe their success is inevitable.

Is extraordinary a character trait?

People who achieve extraordinary things really believe in themselves. They have an unwavering self belief even in the face of criticism and pessimism from those around them.

What is a meaningful word?

adjective. full of meaning, significance, purpose, or value; purposeful; significant: a meaningful wink; a meaningful choice.

What are two synonyms for extraordinary?


What is a fancy word for special?

Some common synonyms of special are especial, individual, particular, and specific.

How would you describe an extraordinary person?

Extraordinary people live the same life and face the same challenges as ordinary person do. But their response and set of values are different. To me an extraordinary person is one who has a strong sense of what is right or wrong, and who chooses to stand by the right, no matter what the compulsions not to do so.

Why does extraordinary mean not ordinary?

Extraordinary means outside of the ordinary. “Extra,” as we use it as a standalone word in English, is literally a shortened form of “extraordinary.” Extra itself is a suffix meaning “outside” so, extraordinary (or just extra) is “outside the ordinary.”

What makes a woman extraordinary?

An extraordinary woman is a woman who is undefinable, has an air of mystery, exudes love and confidence, enjoys and loves life, follows her dreams and desire and doesn’t take herself or life too seriously. She’s desirable, intriguing, and someone who believes in herself.

Is extraordinary good or bad?

Something extraordinary goes above and beyond what is expected. This can be good or bad. Saving a child from a burning building is an extraordinary act of heroism, but a test score of 11 out of 100 is extraordinary too. The extra- in extraordinary means “outside” the ordinary.

How do you say very special?

very special / synonymsvery particular.very specific.really special.very distinctive.pretty special.so special.very unique.very peculiar.More items…

What’s a better word than extraordinary?

SYNONYMS FOR extraordinary 1 inordinate. 2 uncommon, singular, rare, phenomenal, special, signal.

Is extraordinary a positive word?

Of the adjectives, extraordinary is the one most often used for neutral or bad connotations while outstanding (in the sense mentioned in the OP) and exceptional are indeed almost always positive in the absence of qualifiers. Extraordinary on the other hand, is really quite often used negatively.

Does exceptional mean good?

Exceptional also means unusually good: Davis has done an exceptional job of reporting.