What Is Scintillate?

Who broke the Gordian knot?

AlexanderAn oracle had declared that any man who could unravel its elaborate knots was destined to become ruler of all of Asia.

According to the ancient chronicler Arrian, the impetuous Alexander was instantly “seized with an ardent desire” to untie the Gordian knot..

What does obfuscate mean?

: to be evasive, unclear, or confusing The suspect often obfuscated during the interrogation. Other Words from obfuscate Synonyms & Antonyms Try to Understand the Roots of Obfuscate More Example Sentences Learn More about obfuscate.

What causes scintillation?

Scintillation is caused by small-scale (tens of meters to tens of km) structure in the ionospheric electron density along the signal path and is the result of interference of refracted and/or diffracted (scattered) waves. … The indexes reflect the variability of the signal over a period of time, usually one minute.

What does Gordian mean?

Gordian in American English (ˈɡɔrdiən) adjective. 1. pertaining to Gordius, ancient king of Phrygia, who tied a knot (the ˈGordian ˈknot) that, according to prophecy, was to be undone only by the person who was to rule Asia, and that was cut, rather than untied, by Alexander the Great.

What is downhearted?

Are you feeling sad and discouraged? Then you’re downhearted. You can also use words like crestfallen, dejected, or blue to describe this sad emotion. … The adjective downhearted includes the word ending -hearted, meaning “at heart,” or “in one’s deepest feelings.”

Who undid the Gordian knot?

AlexanderHe stood and stared at the knot, examining it from every possible angle. Then, all of a sudden, he drew forth his sword . . . and cut right through the knot! Thus, with a single stroke of his sword, Alexander undid the knot that had baffled all others before him.

What does Recidivate mean?

intransitive verb. : to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior and especially delinquency or criminal activity : to exhibit recidivism There are three things that exponentially decrease the likelihood that an offender will recidivate.

What is a scintillating story?

The definition of scintillating is something fascinating or brilliantly clever. Fast-paced, witty and clever dialogue on a favored TV show is an example of something that would be described as scintillating.

How do you use scintillate in a sentence?

scintillate1 : to emit sparks : spark.2 : to emit quick flashes as if throwing off sparks : sparkle Imagine it’s a cool summer night, the stars scintillate brilliantly in the sky overhead and the campfire blazes away.—More items…

What is the meaning of Scintillated?

verb (used without object), scin·til·lat·ed, scin·til·lat·ing. to emit sparks. to sparkle; flash: a mind that scintillates with brilliance. to twinkle, as the stars.

What does dispirited mean?

adjective. discouraged; dejected; disheartened; gloomy.

What does melancholy mean?

Definition of melancholy (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : suggestive or expressive of sadness or depression of mind or spirit sang in a melancholy voice. b : causing or tending to cause sadness or depression of mind or spirit : dismal a melancholy thought. 2a : depressed in spirits : dejected, sad.

What does glibly mean?

: speaking or spoken carelessly and often insincerely a glib answer. Other Words from glib. glibly adverb.

Can a person be scintillating?

To be scintillating is to be sharp. Things that are scintillating are exciting: they grab your attention with sparkles, flashes of light, or sheer brilliance. Most often, we talk about scintillating conversations and speakers. If you say someone is scintillating, then they are clever — people want to listen to them.

What is the meaning of dishearten?

transitive verb. : to cause to lose hope, enthusiasm, or courage : to cause to lose spirit or morale were disheartened by the news. Other Words from dishearten Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about dishearten.

What does Gordian knot mean?

Gordian knot, knot that gave its name to a proverbial term for a problem solvable only by bold action. In 333 bc, Alexander the Great, on his march through Anatolia, reached Gordium, the capital of Phrygia. … The phrase “cutting the Gordian knot” has thus come to denote a bold solution to a complicated problem.

What does science mean?

Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence. Scientific methodology includes the following: Objective observation: Measurement and data (possibly although not necessarily using mathematics as a tool)