Who Is The GF Of Chahal?

Who is the wife of Chahal?

Dhanashree VermaChahal had a pretty eventful lockdown in which he got engaged to the dancer and choreographer, Dhanashree Verma.

The duo keeps on sharing romantic and adorable photos to keep the fans engaged..

Who is dhanashree Varma?

Dhanashree Verma is an Indian dancer, choreographer and dentist by profession. She made the headlines after her engagement news came out in media on 8 August 2020. She got engaged to the famous Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal. … She learned dancing from famous Indian choreographer, Shiamak Davar.

How old is Yuzvendra Chahal?

30 years (July 23, 1990)Yuzvendra Chahal/Age

Who is Yuzvendra Chahal girlfriend?

Dhanashree VermaYuzvendra Chahal, Indian white-ball leg-spinner, announced his engagement to choreographer Dhanashree Verma via his social media posts on Saturday. “We said “Yes” along with our families,” the 29-year-old wrote.

IS Chahal a grandmaster?

Chess master-turned-cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal on Sunday went back to his old passion, headlining an online blitz event organised by chess.com, and said the sport taught him to be patient on the cricket field.

Who is Dhanshree?

Dhanashree is a dancer and choreographer. She owns the dance company – Dhanashree Verma Company. Dhanashree Verma dances on Bollywood tracks and is trained in Hip Hop. She has over 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Is YUZI Chahal married?

Yuzi is going to marry Dhanashree Verma, as he announced his engagement on August 08, 2020. His fiancée is a Choreographer, Dentist, and a YouTuber (Check out her dance video below).

Who is the father of Chahal?

K.K.ChahalYuzvendra Chahal/Fathers

What did Yuvraj say to Chahal?

During the chat referring to Chahal’s videos, Yuvraj had taken a friendly jibe on him. Yuvraj had said, “Yeh b***gi log ko kaam nahi hai yeh Yuzi aur isko (Kuldeep).” Though the former cricketer had joked about Yuzi, netizens have not taken this well. They termed it as discrimination on the basis of caste.

Is dhanashree Verma a doctor?

On her official Instagram profile, Dhanashree describes herself as “Doctor, Choreographer, YouTuber, and the founder of Dhanashree Verma Company”. For those of you who don’t know Dhanashree is a dancer and choreographer. She owns the dance company – Dhanashree Verma Company.

Where is dhanashree Verma now?

Dhanashree is a dentist and graduated from the D Y L Patil Dental College, Navi Mumbai in 2016, which is located on the same campus as the D Y L Patil stadium where games in earlier IPL seasons were played.

How did dhanashree Verma meet Chahal?

Chahal revealed that he met his to-be wife, Dhanashree Verma during a dance class he attended during the lockdown. … She is a choreographer,” Chahal told Indian Express. 30-year-old Chahal also opened up that he felt ‘strange’ when he went out to bowl for the first time after resuming training.

How old is Kuldeep?

25 years (December 14, 1994)Kuldeep Yadav/Age

What is the full name of Chahal?

Yuzvendra Singh ChahalYuzvendra Chahal/Full name